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Stone Lab: experimenting with stone to furnish a cozy and durable environment

By Herberia

Stone is one of the oldest materials in the world. Over the course of millions of years, it has created unforgettable landscapes and diversified territories thanks to its unique and fascinating characteristics.

Humans have always been fascinated by stone and immediately employed its potential in the construction of buildings. For the most part, the tangible memories of ancient times have reached us in stone; the great cathedrals, noble palaces, amphitheaters, triumphal arches, bridges, roads... the list could go on and on.

 Nowadays, stone is entering the home and making it contemporary, durable but also cozy. With Stone Lab, we at Herberia have chosen stone as the protagonist of the home. Our project is a container of ideas aimed at meeting the needs of the modern individual, who is always on the move but with the desire to come home to a comfortable and natural environment.


Our goal is to reproduce solid and precious materials as faithfully as possible to make the internal and external spaces of a house unique, while satisfying the need for functionality and durability.

For our collection, we were inspired by six types of stones that differ in aesthetics, territory of origin, and various other factors that allow them to lend character and beauty to a Kitchen, living area, or outdoor space.

  • Piasentina: this sedimentary limestone rock is typical of Torreano and the Natisone Valley. It is a durable and compact material, characterized by an elegant gray color broken by white veins and brightened by shades of brown. Herberia has captured the great aesthetic appeal of this stone and combined it with the functionality of stoneware. The result is the Piasentina floor. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it comes in different variations: 22x44 and 40x60 glaze R10 ab tiles. As an example setting, we propose a luxurious living area in a straightforward and modern style, embellished with a light gray Stone Lab Piasentina flooring.


  • Luserna: found in the Piedmont region, and more precisely in the quarries of the Cottian Pre-Alps, it is a metamorphic schistose rock with a distinctive strength, which for centuries has been used in the region for the construction of precious facings, such as that of the Venaria Reale royal palace, and for urban paving. Its colors fit into a palette of refined and modern grays; it also has variations that tend toward blue and golden gray. The Stone Lab collection was inspired by this noble and ancient stone in its design of Luserna, which offers indoor and outdoor floors tiles in 22x44 and 40x60 glaze R11 sizes.


  • Quarzite: Quartzite is a very fine-grained stone that is impervious to scratches and bumps; it is also a frost-resistant material. Perfect for exteriors, it is composed mainly of quartz. Herberia has designed floors that draw inspiration from this material and has made them modern and functional with stoneware. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, Quartzite tiles are available in different colors such as beige, gray and multicolored. It is the perfect material for home and backyard environments thanks to its resistance to acids and oil.


  • Rapolano: a Tuscan stone, it is extracted from quarries located in the province of Siena and is also known as Rapolano Travertine. Its appearance is very distinctive, making it truly unique. In fact, it features gray, black and brown veins on a surface that can be brown or white, shifting through various shades. The Herberia concept takes the unforgettable beauty of this stone and combines it with the great adaptability to the contemporary ceramic environment. The proposals are designed for different needs and are ideal for outdoor and indoor use.


  • Chianca: a stone of the Apulian territory, its name expresses its identity. In fact, Chianca means "stone slab." The limestone material gives the environment a rustic and ancient look, while being resistant to aggressive outdoor agents. Stoneware flooring from the Stone Lab collection displays an appearance that makes simplicity and tradition its strong points. Chianca comes in sizes 22x44 with wavy edges and 40x60 glaze R10ab. We have created a setting reminiscent of those moments of summer gatherings spent with family and friends. Long evenings chatting under a pergola while cooking delicacies in the Chianca outdoor kitchen.


  • Jakarta: this is the last stone featured in our Stone Lab container. Its name recalls exotic landscapes and buildings hidden in the green, made of precious and eternal materials. Our Jakarta is versatile and suitable for modern needs. The stoneware reveals itself in a mysterious beauty and rich reflections, just like the original stone. Herberia offers the floor for outdoor settings. An example is the modern swimming pool, made elegant by a Stone Lab Jakarta 30x60 glaze R11 flooring.


With Stone lab stone becomes the star of the house!

If you liked the article, download the Stone Lab collection catalogue.


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