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Roma Wall: collection Rustic aesthetics and delicate tones make the dwelling intimate and comfortable.

By Herberia

Contemporary society offers us many comforts, but at the same time, it imposes a fast and frantic pace that is difficult to break. Many people therefore find refuge in private moments within the walls of their homes. 

Starting from this premise, one can understand why, in recent years, interior design trends are increasingly leaning towards solutions that combine functionality and order with tastes that evoke ancient and natural atmospheres, capable of creating relaxing environments and perfect nest-like homes to recharge and focus on oneself.

At Herberia, we have created the Roma Wall collection, placing these new needs at the center of our project. The absolute protagonist is the traditional single-caliber double-fired ceramic coating with a cement effect, available in the 25x60 format, with a brick variant.

herberia-colori-roma wall

Cement is rarely associated with the idea of a welcoming home, as it characterizes formal, tough, and somewhat anonymous environments. However, its aesthetics, faithfully reproduced by our tiles, possess a modern and structured charm that harmoniously combines with the color palette chosen for the new collection.

The shades of Roma Wall are dusty, neutral, and refined, evoking earthy tones such as gray, beige, and even a charming rocky blue. The colors lend themselves well to foliage and majolica decorations, capable of giving environments a rustic and sunny touch.

Herberia's proposals for this latest collection focus on the most frequently used rooms in homes, such as the bathroom and kitchen, which require a perfect blend of functionality and beauty.

The first setting we want to present is a bright and modern bathroom, clad in 25x60 sky-blue brick tiles with foliage decor. The brick tiles, arranged in the washbasin area, provide materiality to the space and enhance it with their clean and lively aesthetics.


The coordinated flooring from the same collection is a beautiful light gray. Essential wooden furnishings enhance the elegance of the cladding, ideal for a youthful and comfortable home.


A second solution for a bathroom environment has seen the use of 25x60 tiles in gray and white, as well as gray brick tiles, all combined with the gray Roma 60x60 flooring. The furniture with defined geometric shapes and symmetrical elements give the room an austere yet not heavy touch.


The third environment envisioned by the Herberia team is a kitchen that evokes ancient and joyful sensations thanks to the majolica decor. The combination of tiles with seemingly disorganized designs creates a harmonious effect, giving a sober kitchen a touch of uniqueness without exaggeration while maintaining a simple and orderly style.


The final setting is once again a bathroom. The dominant color is beige, enhanced by brick tiles covering the exterior of the bathtub and its vicinity. The atmosphere is warm and Mediterranean, with a touch of contemporary and subtly refined elements.


With these solutions, Herberia wanted to provide a taste of the characteristics of Roma Wall, a delicate and contemporary collection that makes any environment charming and comfortable.

If you liked the article, download the catalog of the Roma Wall collection.